2016 Taupo - TCR and 24 Forms

2016 Taupo from Tauhara Centre

Dunedin - Chinese Garden

2015 Dunedin - SBW

Dunedin - Otago Penninsula

2015 Dunedin - TCA + FP

Karioatahi Beach

2014 Pukekohe - TCE and TCD

West Coast Beach NZ

2013 Whangarei - TCO

2012 Palmerston North - Depths TCA

2012 Palmerston North


About TCHC NZ Inc

Tai Chi Links


Tai Chi Benefits 

  1. Improved fitness
  2. Increased muscular strength
  3. Better balance and mobility
  4. Better flexibility
  5. A reduced risk of falls
  6. Relaxation and stress relief
  7. Increased cardio-respiratory fitness
  8. And more…

Tai Chi for Health Community NZ Inc

“Keeping Tai Chi Active in New Zealand”

Tai Chi for Health is Modernized Tai Chi!new-25
Dr Paul Lam and a team of medical and tai chi experts, developed the Tai Chi for Health programmes (TCH) incorporating medical knowledge. These programs are proven by medical studies to improve health. Tai Chi for Health can help Arthritis, Diabetes, Back Pain, Osteoporosis and almost any medical condition, plus prevent injury falls. The CDC recommends Tai Chi for Arthritis, Arthritis Foundations and many organisations around the world support TCH.
A wide range of Instructional DVDs are available, and worldwide over 15,000 certified instructors are teaching the programs.

The Tai Chi for Health programmes are suitable for just about anyone.

Medical Studies & Articles on Tai Chi for Health Programs ...

1. 35 Published Studies of Dr Lam’s Tai Chi for Health Programs. Click HERE 

2. Tai Chi for Fall Prevention (Article 2013) Click HERE

3. How Does Tai Chi for Memory Work? Dr Paul Lam, Professor Lucy Brown and Rani Hughes Click HERE

4. Lucy Brown’s Article Tai Chi Daily Practice (2018) Click HERE

5. Link to Tai Chi for Health Institute Website page “Medical Studies Articles‘  Click HERE

Medical studies & articles on tai chi for heart health  …

1. Tai Chi Is a Promising Exercise Option for Patients With Coronary Heart Disease Declining Cardiac Rehabilitation (AHA 2017) Click HERE

2. The Effects of Tai Chi Training in Patients with Heart Failure – A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (Dec 2017) Click HERE

3. Document with studies and articles on tai chi for heart health. Click HERE

Tai Chi for Health Programmes


TCH = Tai Chi for Health

Vision and created by Dr Lam
Dr Lam started Tai Chi for Health with the Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA) programme in 1998. TCA is recognised by many organisations and foundations worldwide and most notably by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), as an effective exercise to prevent falls because of the medical evidence and its establish training methods.
Tai Chi for Health Programmes
Millions of people around the world have enjoyed learning Dr Lam’s Tai Chi for health programmes, and gained better health and quality of life as a result. His programs are easy-to-learn and proven by medical studies to improve health and wellness.

TCH Programmes:

  • Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA)
  • Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention (TCAFP)
  • Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis (STCA)
  • Tai Chi for Diabetes (TCD)
  • Tai Chi for Osteoporosis (TCO)
  • Tai Chi for Rehabilitation (TCR)
  • Tai Chi for Heart Conditions (TCHC) NEW
  • Tai Chi for Memory (TCM) NEW
  • Tai Chi for Energy (TCE)
  • Tai Chi for Health (TCH)
  • Tai Chi for Beginners (TCB)
  • Tai Chi 4 Kidz (TCK)
  • Tai Chi @ Work (TCW)
  • Tai Chi in Flight (TCF)

Also …

  • Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 2 (TCA2)
  • Exploring the Depths of Tai Chi for Arthritis (DTCA)
  • Tai Chi for Energy Part 2 (TCE2)
  • Qigong for Health

To purchase a Tai Chi for Health DVD go to the Tai Chi Productions NZ SHOP

TCHI ~ BCI ~ TCP ~ TCHC NZ Inc … way too many acronyms!

NOTE: Joining TCHC NZ Inc is separate to joining as a BCI with TCHI, these are both separate non-profit entities. We recommend you join both. (Please)

TCH_logo170TCH = Tai Chi for Health

Vision and created by Dr Lam
Dr Lam started Tai Chi for Health with the Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA) programme in 1998. TCA is recognised by many organisations and foundations worldwide and most notably by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), as an effective exercise to prevent falls because of the medical evidence and its establish training methods.
Tai Chi for Health Programmes
Millions of people around the world have enjoyed learning Dr Lam’s Tai Chi for health programmes, and gained better health and quality of life as a result. His programs are easy-to-learn and proven by medical studies to improve health and wellness.

TCHI = Tai Chi for Health Institute           www.tchi.org

Non-profit organisation
Dr Lam collaborated with a team in 2010 to establish TCHI; so his dedication, hard work and programmes would carry his passion for years and years to come.
Read more about TCHI
Dr Lam does NOT run or own TCHI, it is a non-profit organisation managed by board members who represent many countries around the world … however Dr Lam is the current Director.
TCHI is independent by administration and financially … they basically govern the instructors … plus much more … go the the website links and read more.

BCI = Board Certified Instructor (TCHI)

On the 1 May 2016, the TCHI board created the BCI to maintain a more professional qualification. Read more
After completing an instructor training workshop, you will receive an email invitation to be a BCI and asked to pay $25 AUD to join (This is an annual fee)
You will to be recognised internationally as a qualified BCI TCHI instructor
You will be listed on the TCHI website as an instructor
You will receive discounts to workshop and TCP products.

tcp-logo-with-textTCP = Tai Chi Productions

Dr Lam owns this international company.
Dr Lam collaborates with teams of medical an tai chi experts, to develop the TCH programmes and then Dr Lam pays to have instructional DVDs and other products manufactured.
Dr Lam also runs his own training workshops through TCP … he is a Master Trainer (Dr Lam humbly does not elevate himself higher than any other MT’s … however we all agree he is the ‘TOP’ MT)
Dr Lam has an international TCP website and TCP agents in selected countries.
Tamara Bennett is the New Zealand TCP agent … you can order the full range of TCP products direct from her website at the SHOP  www.smilingdragon.co.nz

TCHC_NZ_-_logo_jpegTCHC NZ Inc = Tai Chi for Health Community NZ Inc        www.tchc.co.nz

Non-profit NZ Registered Society
Established in 2010 with the support from an ACC grant. When ACC was winding up funding of their nationwide Modified Tai Chi Falls Prevention programme, they contacted Dr Lam and expressed their interest in supporting a NZ group to continue with the support and direction they had started with their tai chi for falls prevention. ACC’s research showed the tai chi falls prevention programme reduced falls by 47.5%.
Dr Lam suggested a Tai Chi for Health Community society was formed as a type of satellite organisation of Tai Chi for Health Institute, to support their purpose and aims and to aminting quality safe and effecive tai chi instructors nationwide.
TCHC NZ Inc is run by a volunteer committee (who are always looking for new ideas … HINT)
All members are listed on the website and Full Members have their contact details listed on the Instructor page.
All members receive a 10% discount on TCP products purchased from NZ (Tamara)
NZ Master Trainers Chris Hattle and Tamara Bennett offer members a 10% discount to Instructor Training Workshops and if you are also a BCI you get another 5% discount! Senior Trainer Helga Meyer offers members a discount to her Skill Building Workshops.

*If you are interested in joining  TCHC NZ Inc member, please contact secretary@tchc.co.nz and help “Keep Tai Chi Active in NZ”.

What Can Tai Chi do for you?

Originating in ancient China, tai chi is an effective exercise for health of mind and body.  Although an art with great depth of knowledge and skill, it can be easy to learn and soon delivers its health benefits.  For many, it continues as a lifetime journey.  There are many styles and forms of tai chi, the major ones being Chen, Yang, Wu, another Wu (actually two different words in Chinese) and Sun.  Each style has its own unique features, although most styles share similar essential principles.   These essential principles include the mind being integrated with the body; fluidity of movement; control of breathing; and mental concentration.  The central focus is to enable the qi or life force to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body.  Total harmony of the inner and outer self comes from the integration of mind and body, achieved through the ongoing practice of tai chi.

Medical and fitness authorities stress that effective exercise for health should include three components: cardio-vascular fitness or stamina, muscular strength, and flexibility.   Cardio-vascular fitness means better heart-lung capacity.  A good supply of blood and oxygen is essential for maintaining your health and for healing any disease.


By strengthening our muscles, we keep our joints stable and protected.  Of course, we need our muscles to move and when we move, the muscles pump fluid and blood throughout the body, improving the functions not only of the organs and joints but also the entire body.


Flexibility improves our range of motion, making us more functional.  Being flexible keeps our joints, muscles and entire body more healthy and allows us to be more active.

Tai Chi Principles ... Improve your tai chi

Movement Control

  • Move slow, smooth & continuous
  • Move with gentle resistance

Body Structure

  • Maintain an upright posture & body alignment
  • Be conscious of weight transference

Internal Components

  • Song the joints
  • Jing the mind

Click on the links below to read Dr Lam’s detailed description of these principles


Essential Tai Chi Principles

Extending the Essential Principles

Improving your Tai Chi

Fall Prevention

Watch Dr Lam’s presentation about Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention programme …

Tai Chi Productions NZ stocks the complete range of Dr Lam’s products: (Health, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced DVDs, CDs, books and other products.) NZ SHOP

Learning Tai Chi from a DVD

Books are invaluable in learning, but DVDs have advantages over books for learning tai chi, so long as they are well constructed.

Naturally the ideal way to learn is by having the best teacher, the best book and the most appropriate DVD. but we can’t always have everything at one time.  If you cannot find a suitable teacher, you’ll learn more from a well-produced DVD than a bad teacher. Universities have used DVDs to teach their students and many major international corporations have used DVD successfully for training their staff.

Dr Lam’s  DVDs are carefully planned and professionally produced.  Where appropriate, each program has included advice from medical and other experts of the appropriate fields.  The products have been tested to ensure they are “learner friendly”, and useful for improving health and tai chi skill.

Advantages of DVDs
  • You can repeat the same movement as often as you require.
  • You might not find a teacher that suits you, but you can sample many DVDs.
  • There are often certain difficulties in changing your teacher, but you can change your DVD anytime.  It is easier to compare DVDs than teachers.
  • It gives you the opportunity to work with some of the best instructors.
  • You can see inspiring performances from good DVDs.
  • You are free to choose your favourite teaching style.
  • They can also be used as a learning aid alongside face-to-face teaching.
  • You can go over points from your class that you have forgotten.
  • A well produced DVD took much time, energy and expertise, you can gain the benefits of the resulting work with very little cost.
Which DVD is suitable?

All DVDs will help you improve health.  Even the beginners sets can bring you improved health and years of enjoyment in exploring their depth.   Try Tai Chi for Arthritis, 12 Lessons with Dr Lam – virtual private lessons with Dr Lam.  It is a safe and effective set anyone can learn, proven by scientific studies to improve health and quality of life.  Anyone with or without arthritis will benefit from learning it.

Browse our range of products

  • Health Series– designed to improve health and quality of life, shown by medical studies to be safe and effective.  Arthritis, Diabetes and Osteoporosis foundations support the programs.
  • Beginners Series designed for beginners with little or no prior tai chi experience.  You will feel almost like you’re in one of Dr Lam’s classes.
  • Intermediate Series recommended for people with approximately one year’s experience in tai chi, to improve your skill.
  • Advanced Series – recommended for people with approximately two or more years’ experience in tai chi. They are more challenging.

tcp-logo-with-textTai Chi Productions NZ ~ 

If you are having trouble finding a DVD which suits your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr Lam’s NZ authorised agent for his products, Master Trainer Tamara Bennett (smilingdragontaichi@gmail.com or 021-255-1087) and she can work out which programme best fits your personal ability and health.

tcp-logo-with-textTai Chi Productions NZ

DVDs, Books, CDs & Other Products

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AUGUST 2020 ~ Product of the Month

Dr Lam is excited to introduce the brand new advanced sword program: Tai Chi Sword - Chen Style 36 Forms (available exclusively as Online Tai Chi Lessons).

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Tai Chi Productions Mission: "To improve people's health and quality of life by promoting Dr Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Health programs through education, research and instructional products."

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