Tai Chi for Health Community NZ Inc was formed in 2010, with support from ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) and Tai Chi for Health Institute.

We are a satellite non-profit society, from the parent organisation Tai Chi for Health Institute (TCHI)

Tai Chi for Health Community NZ Inc

Our Aims

“Keeping tai chi active in New Zealand”

  • To ensure sustainability of the Tai Chi for Health programmes in New Zealand.
  • To maintain a membership register and the TCHC NZ website; which provides public access to information about Tai Chi for Health programmes, workshops and a list of certified TCHI instructors.
  • To support TCHC NZ Inc members by providing opportunities for networking.
  • To organise, promote and hold national and regional training events.


Membership Benefits of TCHC NZ Inc

          • Regular email newsletters on the TCHC NZ Inc website.
          • The name of each member will appear on the website (unless the member wishes not to be listed).
          • Discounts are available for all products.
          • Dr Paul Lam, TCHI Master Trainers and Senior Trainers personally offer discounts to TCHC NZ Inc members for many of the workshops they lead.
          • Full Members may apply for TCHC NZ Inc  Tuition Scholarship(s).
          • Full Members are entitled to use the TCHC NZ Inc logo in TCH advertising, such as on their website, business cards & brochures.
          • Full Members are entitled to vote at the AGM and may be elected to the Committee.
          • A membership card is available to all members.
          • Membership of a nationally recognised body, which promotes health and well-being.


About TCHI

“To improve people’s health and quality of life by promoting Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health programs through education, research and insturctional products.

          • Our primary focus is to train safe and effective instructors for the Tai Chi for Health programs.
          • Developing effective programs though research and development
          • Making the world aware of tai chi as a modality that promotes health

In 1974 Dr Paul Lam took up tai chi to combat his arthritis. It has been, and still is, a life-changing experience for him. Dr Lam has enjoyed and benefited so much from tai chi that he wants to share it with as many people as possible. He founded East Acton Video and Tai Chi Productions in 1996 to produce useful instructional material to improve people’s health and to facilitate learning. We have now produced many best selling titles worldwide. By 2009 there were over one million people around the world who had learned and benefited from Dr Lam’s Tai Chi for Health programs.

You’ll find the Tai Chi for Health instructional material easy to follow and effective in improving your quality of life and tai chi.