Tai Chi for Health Programmes

  • Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA)
  • Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention (TCAFP)
  • Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis (STCA)
  • Tai Chi for Diabetes (TCD)
  • Tai Chi for Osteoporosis (TCO)
  • Tai Chi for Rehabilitation (TCR)
  • Tai Chi for Energy (TCE)
  • Tai Chi for Health (TCH)
  • Tai Chi for Beginners (TCB)
  • Tai Chi 4 Kidz (TCK)
  • Tai Chi @ Work (TCW)
  • Tai Chi in Flight (TCF)

Also …

  • Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 2 (TCA2)
  • Exploring the Depths of Tai Chi for Arthritis (DTCA)
  • Tai Chi for Energy Part 2 (TCE2)
  • Qigong for Health

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TCH = Tai Chi for Health

Vision and created by Dr Paul Lam

Dr Lam started Tai Chi for Health with the Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA) programme in 1998. TCA is recognised by many organisations and foundations worldwide and most notably by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), as an effective exercise to prevent falls because of the medical evidence and its establish training methods.

Tai Chi for Health Programmes …
Millions of people around the world have enjoyed learning Dr Lam’s Tai Chi for health programmes, and gained better health and quality of life as a result.

His programs are easy-to-learn and proven by medical studies to improve health and wellness.

About TCHC NZ Inc

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Tai Chi Benefits 

  1. Improved fitness
  2. Increased muscular strength
  3. Better balance and mobility
  4. Better flexibility
  5. A reduced risk of falls
  6. Relaxation and stress relief
  7. Increased cardio-respiratory fitness
  8. And more…