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The upcoming AGM for Tai Chi for Health Community New Zealand Inc.

Please find below all the following documents that relate to our 2022 AGM (scheduled for 3pm on 20th of August 2022 via Zoom):

Agenda for the 2022 AGM

Minutes from the 2021 AGM

Chair Report

Treasurer’s Report

Proposed Rule Change

Agenda for 2022 AGM


1. Opening of Meeting – Welcome

2. Apologies

3. Minutes of the previous AGM

4. Matters Arising from the previous minutes

5. Chair’s report

6. Treasurer’s report

7. Election of Committee Members

8. Set Annual Membership Fees

9. Motions to be considered:

        a) Life Membership Nomination Toi Walker

        b) General Motions

10. General Business

11. Date/Location AGM 2023

Chair Report for the year 1st April 2021 – 31st March 2022

To be presented at Zoom AGM, 20th August 2022

This being our third Zoom AGM of TCHC NZ Inc., welcome to all those present.

Meetings: Meetings have continued by Zoom. The day of the week and time are negotiated to offer best possibility of full Committee attendance. Dates of the meetings are arranged according to the intensity of the work and to ensure preparedness in a timely manner.

Committee members: Committee Membership has adjusted over this year. In November Tamara Bennett indicated her intentions to resign and this process was brought to completion on 2nd March 2022.

Tamara has been the TCHC NZ Inc Secretary since inception of the society.

She has worked with dedication, focus and a sense of purpose to advance the standing of TCHC NZ Inc in New Zealand. Tamara has shared her knowledge, experience and learning with generosity in both the content of her sharing and in the abundant hours of time she put into the role over 12 years.
Tamara continues as Dr Lam’s Tai Chi Productions NZ Agent, and in her role as a TCHI Master Trainer authorised to train Tai Chi for Health Instructors.

Tamara, on behalf of all the Committee thank you for the love and the many years and hours you have dedicated to TCHC NZ Inc.
Aroha nui

Committee work: Via Zoom, and email conversations in between meetings, our focus has been on navigating through structure of the Committee and developing a Complaints Policy and Procedure. These things you will see have results ready to be brought to this AGM, in streamlined format after many versions and layers have been sifted through. We have also received nomination for Toi Walker to be awarded Life Membership this process also to be completed at the AGM

An ongoing direction we have continued working towards is our inclusion of Te Reo, to support the Tai Chi for Health Community NZ Inc name and motto. Seeking Te Reo has led us through a long period of convoluted learning. This will be an ongoing direction in the present year, and is a very enjoyable direction to be stepping towards. We have also had multiple discussions on aspects of the Code of Ethics

With Tamara as Secretary leaving the Committee we have had team work to share the tasks out. Numbers on the Committee are now at a low five – we can build this up to seven and look forward to welcoming new Members.

Again I conclude that we are so very fortunate to be Tai Chi for Health practitioners promoting health and wellness. Tai chi blessings to you all.

Chris Hattle – TCHC NZ Inc Chair

Minutes from the 2021 AGM (click button below)


Treasurer’s Report 2021-2022 (click button below) 

Proposed Rule Change TCHCNZ regarding Committee members