Workshop Schedule


If you have a group of people who would like a Tai Chi for Health Instructor Training workshop in your area, please contact MT Chris Hattle or MT Tamara Bennett.

If you have a group of people who would like a Tai Chi for Health Skill Building Workshop in your area, please contact MT Chris Hattle, MT Tamara Bennett, ST Hazel Thompson or ST Helga Meyer.

*Master Trainers and Senior Trainers are able to apply for travel funding assistance through TCHC NZ Inc to lead Skill Building Workshops (SBW).

TCHI (Tai Chi for Health Institute) NZ Master Trainers and Senior Trainers

For workshop details Please CONTACT the trainer directly
MT Chris Hattle 06-356-4332 027-285-2002
MT Tamara Bennett
ST Helga Meyer 027-302-3003

Tai Chi for Health Institute – Instructor Training Workshops

(subject to change)
(Pukekohe East)
26 July 20201- Day ... Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 2 & Falls Prevention + Updates Contact: MT Tamara Bennett
KERIKERI22-23 August 2020Tai Chi for MEMORY + Multi Updates Contact: MT Tamara Bennett
DUNEDINOctober 2020SEATED Tai Chi for Arthritis & Falls Prevention + Updates Contact: MT Chris Hattle
Greymouth WestcoastOctober 2020Tai Chi for Arthritis, Falls Prevention and & Seated TCA+ Multi Updates Contact: MT Chris Hattle
CHRISTCHURCH17-18 Oct 2020Tai Chi for Arthritis, Falls Prevention and & Seated TCA+ Multi Updates Contact: MT Tamara Bennett
south of AUCKLAND
Sharda Retreat Centre (Tuakau)

7-8 Nov 20202- Day Qigong WorkshopContact: MT Tamara Bennett

Tai Chi for Health – Skill Building Workshops

(subject to change)
DUNEDIN15 June 2019TCA 1 & 2, plus either TCD, TCO or TCE 1Contact: ST Helga Meyer
15 June 2019Traditional Tai Chi Cane WorkshopContact: MT Tamara Bennett
QUEENSTOWN1 or 2 August 2019Tai Chi for Health programmes ... TCAContact: ST Helga Meyer
AUCKLAND24 or 25 August 2019Sun 73 FormsContact: ST Helga Meyer
7 September 2019Yang 24 FormsContact: MT Tamara Bennett
DUNEDIN21 September 2019Sun 73 FormsContact: ST Helga Meyer

Dr Lam NZ Workshops ~ July 2016

@ Tauhara Retreat & Conference Centre in Taupo, NZ …  Tauhara … check this place out!

Come explore tai chi with Dr Lam in a beautiful serene setting with wonderful energy, catch up with tai chi friends and make new friends. This is a very special 3-day NZ Residential Retreat Workshop with accommodation and vegetarian home cooked meals onsite. Spaces are limited and will book out fast … register NOW!!!

Friday 15th July – Exploring the Depths Yang 24 Forms

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July Tai Chi for Rehabilitation Instructor Training

(Multiple updates are available at the TCR Workshop)


 Register NOW … Online at TCHI Click Here


Tauhara Retreat Accommodation Booking

Contact MT Tamara Bennett for your booking request.


What ?is ?Tai ?Chi ?for ?Rehabilitation? 

TCR DVD image 2Tai Chi for Rehabilitation is  Dr Lam’s new Tai Chi for Health programme; a ?combination ?of ?Yang, ?Sun ?and ?Chen ?tai ?chi ? styles, and combining the synergetic power of qi together with each individual’s inner power of personal development.  It is so simple that almost anyone can learn the forms, and then there is much to develop their tai chi depth, personal life and happiness.

Chen ?style ?is ?vigorous ?and ?sophisticated, ?containing ?fast ?and ?slow ?movements ?along ?with ?the ?mysterious ?spiral ?force. ?Sun ?style ?has ?a ?uniquely ?powerful ?qigong ?(life ?energy) ?along ?with ?agile ?steps. ?Yang ?has ?graceful ?and ?slow ?movements ?which ?promote ?health.

Tai ?Chi ?for ?Energy ?has ?been ?extremely ?popular ?and ?Dr ?Lam ?was ?inspired ?to ?create ?this ?prequel ?as ?a ?gentle ?introduction ?to ?Chen ?style ?making ?the ?trilogy ?a ?complete ?package ?for ?people ?of ?any ?physical ?ability.

This ?relaxing ?set ?can ?be ?done ?lying, ?sitting ?or ?standing ?and ?will ?help ?develop ?your ?knowledge ?and ?inner ?power ?of ?tai ?chi.

Tai Chi for Rehabilitation can help anyone recover from a busy and stressful day or a major illness, then progress to wellness. It is an empowering programme ideal to aid recovery from ill health. Physical or occupational therapists may find it a useful tool for their patients/clients. I have combined my medical and tai chi knowledge to create a very effective therapeutic tool. Almost anyone with conditions including stroke, heart disease, injury, surgical procedure or tiredness and stress can learn this programme to help their recovery.

If ?you ?wish ?to ?qualify ?as ?an ?instructor ?the ?required ?study ?materials ?are ?Dr ?Lam’s ?Teaching ?Tai ?Chi ?Effectively ?book (2011) ?and ?the ?TCR ?DVD. ? ?These ?can ?be ?purchased ?after ?registration ?at a 20% discount by ?contacting ?MT Tamara Bennett. ? ?


The ?Exploring ?the ?Depth ?of ?24 ?Forms ?Workshop ?with ?Dr ?Lam ?is ?an ?opportunity ?for ?those ?who ?know ?the ?form ?to ?deepen ?your ?understanding ?and ?skill. ? ?Dr ?Lam ?will ?incorporate ?his ?forty ?years ?of ?tai ?chi ?experience ?into ?his ?teaching, ?taking ?your ?enjoyment ?and ?performance ?of ?the ?form ?to ?a ?new ?level. ?

This ?is ?the first ?time ?the ?Exploring ?the ?Depth ?of ?24 ?Forms ?workshop ?will ?be ?conducted ?in ?New ?Zealand, ?although ?overseas, ?it ?is ?one ?of ?the ?most ?popular ?workshops. ? ?Participants ?travel ?hundreds ?of ?miles ?to ?attend ?and ?leave ?feeling ?that ?their ?newly ?acquired ?knowledge ?has ?brought ?about ?a ?quantum ?leap ?in ?their ?tai ?chi.