Newsletter 59 December

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Number 59

December 2012


December Special:

Buy any DVD and receive a second copy of the same DVD – FREE!  Post and packaging charges apply.  No more than 5 DVDs (plus 5 free) per order.  Not to be used with any other discount.  Offer expires 31 December.  As Dr Lam’s New Zealand Agent, I do have his entire range in stock, which you can view at the Products section (click here)


Dr Lam NZ 2014 – Triple Workshop!

17th-18th July 2014 – Exploring the Depth of Tai Chi for Arthritis (Instructors have an opportunity to update their TCH certifications)

19th-20th July 2014 – (2 Concurrent Workshops) Tai for Energy Instructor Training and Tai Chi for Diabetes Instructor Training

Contact: Tamara Bennett – 09-235-8648 or

2013: TCO Instructor Courses are to be held in both North and South Islands of NZ

Thank you to those who have registered interest with Chris Hattle MT.

Your interest indicates where courses will be held.

Please register interest with Chris if you have not done so already.

The continuing series of Sun 73 courses will also be held during 2013.  For more details contact Chris Hattle.,  06) 3564332,  28 Wikiriwhi Cr, Palmerston North, 4412

2013Tai Chi with Tamara (ST)

Skill Building Workshops – Tai Chi for Health, Sun 73 & Yang 24

Workshops – Tai Chi for Energy

Practice Sessions – Tai Chi for Energy


Ellerslie, Auckland: Leicester Hall,  corner Findlay & Ramsgate Streets

Pukekohe: Franklin: The Centre, 12 Massey Ave (next to Town Hall, parking in the back)

Skill Building Workshops – Tai Chi for Health (TCA, TCE, TCD, TCK or TCO)

Investment: $35 or $30 TCHC NZ member price

  • Saturday 23rd March, Ellerslie, Auckland 1-4pm
  • Saturday 29th June, Ellerslie, Auckland 1-4pm
  • Saturday 28th September, Ellerslie, Auckland 1-4pm

Skill Building Workshops – Sun 73

Investment: $25 or $20 TCHC NZ member price

  • Sunday 21st April, Pukekohe 2-4pm
  • Sunday 28th July, Pukekohe 2-4pm
  • Sunday 20th October, Pukekohe 2-4pm

Skill Building Workshops – Yang 24

Investment: $25 or $20 TCHC NZ member price

  • Sunday 24th February, Pukekohe 2-4pm
  • Sunday 26th May, Pukekohe 2-4pm
  • Sunday 25th August, Pukekohe 2-4pm
  • Sunday 17th November, Pukekohe 2-4pm

Workshops – Tai Chi for Energy

Investment (includes DVD): $65 or $60 TCHC NZ member price;

Refresher (no DVD): $35 or $30 TCHC NZ member price

  • Sunday 10th March, Pukekohe 1-4pm
  • Sunday 16th June, Pukekohe 1-4pm
  • Sunday 15th September, Pukekohe 1-4pm

Practice Sessions – Tai Chi for Energy

Investment: $12 or $10 TCHC NZ member price

  • Sunday 21st April, Pukekohe 1-2pm
  • Sunday 26th May, Pukekohe 1-2pm
  • Sunday 28th July, Pukekohe 1-2pm
  • Sunday 25th August, Pukekohe 1-2pm
  • Sunday 20th October, Pukekohe 1-2pm
  • Sunday 17th November, Pukekohe 1-2pm

Payment *Please email me to confirm you have made a payment

·         – Payment by internet: Tamara Bennett – Westpac #03 0406 0739577 00 (please use your name as reference)

·        –  Payment by Post: Tamara Bennett, 996 Waiuku Road, RD1 Pukeoware, Waiuku 2681

For a printable version of Tamara’s workshops, please click here

·        TCHC NZ

If you are not a member yet, please visit , you will find information and an application form on the TCHC NZ section of the Tai Chi Productions NZ website.


TCAssociates Wellington has put together a programme for 2013. If you are in Wellington and would like to join in, please contact Ferne at

click here for details

For Sale:

2012 World Tai Chi & Qigong Day purple T-shirts available @$35 each plus P&P (various sizes first come, first served)

For more information Contact Tamara:


Spending too much time sitting can be damaging to your health

An article in the Listener dated 24 November makes interesting reading.  There is fresh evidence that sitting around all day is not only bad for the waistline and lower back but can also kill us.  The sometimes fatal consequences of sitting are highlighted in research from the University of Leicester, which combined the results of 18 studies involving nearly 800,000 people.

The Leicester researchers found the average adult spends 50-70% of his or her time sitting, and that remaining so for a prolonged time doubled the risk of diabetes and heart disease.  It didn’t make any difference whether people exercised regularly or not.

“Sedentary research” is a newish area of work that is drawing attention to the health implications of spending too much time seated.  “It’s a whole-of-day approach in relation to physical activity promotion,” says David Dunstan of Melbourne’s Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, one of the leading researchers in the area.  “It’s not just about getting people to do 30 minutes or an hour’s exercise each day; we need to be thinking about the 16 hours in between.”

(to read the full article, please click here)

A Chinese Story to Share with your Family at Christmas

(There are many different versions of this story.  I have taken the liberty of combining them to create my own version – Hazel)

The Eyes of the Dragon

(Traditional Chinese Fable)

Long ago in ancient China there was a sleepy little village which nestled at the foot of a foreboding and mist-shrouded mountain.  The locals said wild beasts lived at the peak of the mountain, and they bolted their doors and shuttered their windows at night.

The town magistrate didn’t like his people living in fear, so he persuaded the villagers to build a high wall around their town with huge heavy gates to keep out the beasts.  It took many months of hard labour, but finally it was finished. The people felt safe, but they had lost their view of the fields and mountains.  All they could see was a high blank wall, and they were not happy.

The village elders held a meeting and decided to hire a talented painter, Ch’en Jung, to paint a giant dragon on the wall.  The price would be 40 silver coins, but they all agreed it would be worth it; no other village could boast of such a splendid piece of art.

Ch’en Jung travelled on horseback from his own village to do the job on the condition that he be allowed to paint the dragon to his own design, without criticism.  He proceeded by painting first the tail and then worked toward the head; at one point the dragon’s head and tail almost met. Finally he completed his masterpiece, and it was truly amazing in its rich colours and textures.  The work was so beautifully executed that the chest of the dragon seemed to gently swell and subside, and smoke appeared to swirl around the nostrils.

Then the elders noticed that whilst the dragon had a pair of magnificent shaggy eyebrows, it didn’t have any eyes.  Angrily they refused to pay Ch’en Jung unless he painted in the eyes.

“I have painted your dragon so well that he has come to life”, said Ch’en Jung.  “He is but sleeping.  His lack of sight binds him to the wall, but he is happy to stay here and quietly guard your village.  Accept him as he is; do not ask me to give him eyes, for that would give him his freedom.”

The villagers laughed at Ch’en Jung and he became angry.  “Pay me, and I will give your dragon eyes” he said.  The elders presented the 40 silver coins, and Ch’en Jung first ordered his horse to be saddled, then took up his brushes and began to sketch in the eyes.  He carefully painted two fierce and glaring eyes. Then at arm’s length he added the pupils before throwing his brushes on the ground, gathering up his robes and sprinting for his horse.

The people were very entertained by his comical retreat.  “You did well” said the magistrate to the elders.  “Our dragon looks even more real now; I could swear that he is staring at me.”  He walked up to the wall and laughed in the dragon’s face.  “Hey you!  Stop staring, and start guarding” he said, much to the amusement of the crowd.  As he turned away the dragon’s eyes slowly blinked, then with a mighty exhalation of fire the dragon rose into the air, shattering the wall into a thousand pieces.

The crowd ran screaming as the dragon made a graceful aerial circuit of their town, testing his magnificent rainbow-coloured wings.  From a safe distance Ch’en Jung patted his purse full of silver and smiled as his beautiful creation turned and soared towards the mountaintop.

(This Chinese fable was based on a 13th-Century hand scroll painted by the famed artist Ch’en Jung.)

Have a lovely Christmas, and a Happy New Year!