Newsletter 54 July 2012

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Number 54

July 2012


July Special:

Buy the Tai Chi for Beginners DVD and receive the Tai Chi for Beginners Handbook free!   Package price $43 including postage. Not to be used with any other discount.  Offer expires 31 July.  As Dr Lam’s New Zealand Agent, I do have his entire range in stock, which you can view at the Products link on this site.


The Tai Chi for Beginners Instructional DVD has received more than one million hits on YouTube!

I have many other listings on YouTube; check out the link below to see 159 instructors demonstrating Tai Chi for Arthritis at the beautiful Whispering Wood Conference Centre in Memphis, Tennessee.  This was during our 10th Anniversary One Week Workshop in the USA.


Dr Paul Lam in Palmerston North, New Zealand


Tai Chi for Arthritis in Depth Workshop 2 – 3 August

Tai Chi for Energy 4 – 5 August

Time is running out!  These workshops are almost fully booked!  If you haven’t booked yet, see previous newsletters for details and contact Chris Hattle immediately!



Do you wish to attend a TCA and TCE practice session on either Saturday July 7th or Sunday July 8th?  If so register your interest with Chris Hattle,   06 3564332

In your message include your name, phone, e-mail and whether you can attend on 7th &/or 8th July


2012 World Tai Chi & Qigong Day purple T-shirts available @$35 each plus P&P (various sizes first come first served)

For more information Contact Tamara:


Tai Chi for Health Practice Sessions…coming up with Senior Trainer Tamara Bennett

Contact Tamara

July 2012  TBA (Practice session for Tai Chi for Energy – get ready for Dr Lam’s workshop)

Venue: TBA URGENT: contact me if you are interested in this practice session and we will work out the details

Sunday 22 July 2012  1-4pm (Sun Style 73 practice session, forms 35-57)

Venue: Franklin: The Centre, 12 Massey Ave, Pukekohe (next to Town Hall, parking in the back)

Saturday TBA ? August 2012 1-4pm (General practice session of TCA, TCE, TCD or TCK)

Venue: Leicester Hall, corner Findlay & Ramsgate Streets, Ellerslie

Sunday 23 September 2012  1-4pm (Sun Style 73 practice session, forms 58-73)

Venue: Franklin: The Centre, 12 Massey Ave, Pukekohe (next to Town Hall, parking in the back)

Investment $35 for the 3 hour practice session.

TCHCNZ member price of $30 (if you are a current financial member of TCHCNZ)

If you are not a member yet, please visit , you will find information and an application form on the TCHC NZ section of this Tai Chi Productions NZ website.

  • Payment by internet: Tamara Bennett – Westpac #03 0406 0739577 00 (please use your name as reference)
  • Or  Payment by Post: Tamara Bennett, 996 Waiuku Road, RD1 Pukeoware, Waiuku 2681
  • *Please email me to confirm you have made a payment
  • The Tai Chi for Health practice sessions will run for 3 hours with a tea/biscuit break (provided). There will be time to ask questions regarding the form, tai chi principles and teaching methods.











Date – Friday 3rd August

Time: 5:30-7:30pm

Venue: Palmerston North workshop venue

Dinner: Nibbles provided by TCHCNZ

*All Full Members are eligible to Vote

** Please RSVP if you plan to attend – Tamara:


What’s the Point?

By Tamara Bennett Senior Trainer TCHI

An email pops up in your inbox or you are reading Dr Lam’s current newsletter;

Workshops coming up: TCA2 or Exploring the Depths of Tai Chi for Arthritis … Instructor Certification updates available at these workshops”, and you may say to yourself or hear someone say … “What’s The Point?

“I have a certificate that says I am a Tai Chi Instructor, no one will ever check if it is current?”, “I’ve been to one update, that’s enough!”, “My first employer required me to hold a current instructor certification, but now that I’m on my own, an update is just a waste of time and money!”

So…What’s The Point?

  1. Firstly, your personal tai chi can be nurtured
  2. Secondly, the more you experience and learn, the more you have to share
  3. You can never know it all…  Apparently the average person only retains 10% of the information they learn from a session … so this means on average it may take up to 10 sessions to retain each fact that was shared repeatedly over the 10 sessions. (I know that most of you probably think you are above average and are more likely to be in the 12.5% bracket! So it may only take 8 workshops for you! )
  4. Attending an update or new tai chi workshop, may give you the opportunity to explore the next level on your tai chi journey
  5. PD” (personal development) is trendy… it’s the “in thing” for all businesses
  6. Networking for self-employed people is a MUST!
  7. Dr Lam and TCHI Master Trainers share innovative, “up to date”, safe and effective ways to deliver the TCH programmes. Dr Lam is very reflective and works with an enormous worldwide team of tai chi friends and medical experts, to continually bring updated information on the delivery of Tai Chi for Health programmes so they are; safe, effective, and enjoyable with added depths, which will enhance the tai chi journey for you and your students
  8. You owe it to yourself, your students’ and your community to remain a current certificated instructor
  9. Sign up 4 a PD ASAP at a TCH workshop

Tai chi is like a river, which changes course over time … make sure you don’t get stuck on the rocks!


What is a Senior Trainer (ST)?

By Hazel Thompson, Senior Trainer, TCHI

An ST is a person who conducts regional instructor practice sessions, assists and works with Master Trainers in all matters relating to Tai Chi for Health programs, maintains communication with a group of instructors, and continues to upgrade the skills of the those instructors.

What are the Requirements to Become a Senior Trainer (ST)?

Have organized at least one Tai Chi for Health workshop

  • Know Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 1 and Part 2 and have current certification in both
  • Know Sun Style 73 form at a reasonable level
  • Have been a leader/instructor of Tai Chi for Health for at least one year
  • Preferable to have current instructor certificates in Tai Chi for Diabetes, Tai Chi for Back Pain, and/or the Depth of Tai Chi for Arthritis
  • Be prepared to assist MTs in organizing and/or conducting workshops
  • Be available to help instructors to upgrade their skills at regular intervals.  Fees for participants are standardised worldwide
  • Have good communication and teaching skill
  • Have a willingness and compassion to promote Tai Chi for Health programs to improve people’s health and quality of life
  • Be nominated by a MT and seconded by another
  • Be approved by at 50% of the MTs in the same country and Dr Paul Lam
  • Have a current first aid certification

How to become a ST?

  • ST is by invitation only. If a MT believes that you have met all the requirements and is in a position to work with you, they can nominate you
  • The nominating MT should find another MT to second the proposal, notify all MTs in the same country to obtain approval from at least 50% of them and send the information to Dr Lam for final approval
  • Once approved, the nominating MT will work with the ST on training required with the objective of enabling the ST to conduct the duties listed below confidently. The time and contents are to be decided by the nominating MT. The ST is qualified at the conclusion of this training

Responsibilities of STs

  • Arrange and conduct training sessions to upgrade skills for instructors
  • Assist MT/s and contribute to the Tai Chi for Health programs to the best of their ability and availability
  • Have regular training with the nominating MT at suitable interval (to be determined between ST and nominating MT)
  • The tenure will last two years.  Each two years the nominating MT will be responsible to assess if the ST has been effective at their work and in a position to continue. Another MT is required to second it, and be approved by 50% of the MTs in the same country and Dr Paul Lam

Benefits of STs:

  • Able to contribute more to the programs
  • Be recognized as a significant contributor to the Tai Chi for Health program/s
  • Have an opportunity to train with the nominating MT and possibly other MTs and Dr Lam
  • Entitled to 20% discount at Dr Lam’s workshops
  • The experience gained from having been a ST will provide a good foundation for those wishing to be considered for MT as openings (or the need) arises

What is a Master Trainer (MT)?

An MT is a person who is trained and authorised by Dr Paul Lam to conduct Tai Chi for Health instructor workshops. An MT is dedicated to promoting the Tai Chi for Health programs to enhance peoples’ health and wellbeing.

What are the Requirements to Become an MT?

MTs are essential to the success of the Tai Chi for Health programs; therefore it is vitally important that they have the right abilities and attributes for the job.

MTs have made great efforts to master the ability to:

  • Make the complex art of tai chi simple
  • Communicate effectively

MTs have the right mixture of personality, training and experience to conduct the instructors’ certifying class effectively.

Prior requirements include:

  • Being an organiser (co-ordinator) of at least two TCA/TCH workshops
  • Knowing Tai Chi for Arthritis and TCA2 well and being certified in both
  • Practice the Sun style 73 forms at a high level
  • Being a leader/instructor of TCA for at least one year
  • Having the right qualifications and experience to conduct TCA/TCH workshops and communicate effectively with participants
  • Being prepared to be available to conduct the instructor/leader workshop six times per year, but at least two workshops per year to maintain the qualification
  • Being passionate about using TCA/TCH programs for improving people’s health in the community
  • Be nominated by a MT, seconded by another, approved at least half of the MTs in your country and by Dr Lam
  • Holds a current CPR qualification or equivalent

Becoming a MT is strictly by invitation.

Once a MT candidate is invited to participate in a MT workshop, he or she would be prepared to:

  • Study extensive material
  • Participate in MT workshops: A 4-day face-to-face and the one week “Exploring the Depth of Sun 73 Forms” workshops. Both workshops contain a comprehensive curriculum including in-depth knowledge of tai chi, teaching skill, how to deliver the program, the knowledge of chronic conditions and all other aspects of the programs
  • Mentorship: Required to conduct two workshops under a mentor of a fully qualified MT
  • Follow Up: MTs are required to practice tai chi regularly, and give support to people they have trained
  • Update every two years


  • Support by Dr Paul Lam and other MT colleagues
  • Certified instructor/leader and updates
  • Nominate and train Senior Trainers
  • Nominate MT candidates

All MTs are listed online. Our goals are to promote tai chi to improve health, and to uphold the high quality of our programs. Being a MT is not a jewel in your crown, it is an indication of your dedication to help others.

MTs don’t pay any franchise or license fees to Dr Lam. Tai Chi for Health programs are dedicated to the people.


That’s it for July.  Dr Lam’s Palmerston North workshops  are almost fully booked, so I’m looking forward to catching up with lots of old friends, and making some new ones in August !