Newsletter 50 – March 2012

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Number 50

March 2012


March Special:

Buy any DVD and get 20% off!  Not to be used with any other discount.  Offer expires 31 March. As Dr Lam’s New Zealand Agent, I do have his entire range in stock, which you can view at the Products link on this site.

A reminder of the fee schedule for TCHC NZ:

TCHCNZ Membership investment:

Full Member Joining Fee $20       Annual Subscription $30 $15 Total $50 $35

(Current Certified TCH Instructor, voting rights at the TCHC NZ AGM, profile on TCHC NZ website)

* Please include a copy of your current First Aid and TCHI Instructor Certification

Associate Member Joining Fee $10       Annual Subscription $20 $10 Total $30 $20

(Support the aims of TCHC NZ and/or a retired TCH Instructor, listed on TCHC NZ website)

Student Member Joining Fee $10       Annual Subscription $10 $5 Total $20 $15

(Student of a current Certified TCH Instructor, listed on TCHC NZ website)

* All Members will receive a monthly email newsletter and discounts on products

New Membership – Annual subscription ½ Price 1 March – 31 August

The Community’s new financial year begins 1 September 2012 when all subscriptions will need to be renewed.


Dr Paul Lam


Venue:   Queen Elizabeth College, Rangitikei Street, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Tai Chi for Arthritis in Depth Workshop

In this most stimulating and useful workshop, Dr Lam will be sharing with you the deeper meanings of the Tai Chi principles and how to incorporate them into your forms. He will then explore how the Qi (vital life force) works and how it relates to the Tai Chi principles.  All theories and practice will guide you on how to store, regenerate and deliver energy not only with Tai Chi for Arthritis, but also with all Tai Chi forms. This workshop will facilitate you to reach a higher level and find more enjoyment from your practice.

About Opportunities to Update your Instructor Certificates

This TCA in Depth workshop would be, with prior notice, an update for the Tai Chi for Arthritis.  If you require updates in any of the other Tai Chi for Health programs, a nominal fee applies and you are required to complete an assignment.

What Is Tai Chi for Energy?

This new energising program consists of two different tai chi styles.  Chen style tai chi is vigorous and sophisticated, containing fast and slow movements along with powerful spiral force.

Sun style includes a unique qigong (life energy) along with agile steps.  These two seemingly contrasting styles of tai chi have complimentary internal energy.  Using his deep understanding of tai chi principles and with over 30 years of experience, Dr Lam carefully composed the Tai Chi for Energy set by combining both styles to bring you greater synergy.

With regular practice and in a relatively short period of time, you will achieve better health and wellness, more internal energy and an improved ability to manage stress. The program contains warm up and cool down exercises and 16 movements.


Course workbooks are provided within course fees

DVDs for each course can be purchased from Hazel Thompson, email

Registered participants are entitled to a discount of 30% on the course DVDs once their fees have been paid in full.

Dr Lam is personally offering a 10% discount on course fees to all TCHC NZ members.

Registration forms are available from Chris Hattle


Postal            28 Wikiriwhi Crescent, Palmerston North 4412

TCHC NZ is offering scholarships for Full members. For more information please see the heading “Scholarships” in this newsletter


SEATED Tai Chi for ARTHRITIS  Instructor Training

LEADER:  CHRIS HATTLE Master Trainer Tai Chi for Health Institute

Listed below in order of date schedule are …

  • One Practice Session
  • Three Instructor Training Workshops

Please register in advance to ensure you are informed if a change of venue is required



When                    June 30th 2012              Saturday 10am-1pm

Content                       To prepare for Dr Lam’s August double workshops, Palm.North, NZ

Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA) & Tai Chi for Arthritis 2 (TCA2) (41 forms)

Tai Chi for Energy

Refreshments: bring your own picnic

Venue:                       Guide Hall,   2 Panako Place (off College Street),  Awapuni,  Palmerston North

Cost: $40 OR  $35 for TCHC NZ members (Tai Chi for Health Community NZ Inc)


About the Three WORKSHOPS Listed Below

Both Instructors and tai chi students may attend

These Workshops are Instructor training courses.

To qualify as an instructor a current First Aid certification is required

Resource book (as relevant to the course), morning and afternoon light refreshments are provided.
Participants provide own lunch (a lunch-bar is nearby)

Participants purchase DVDs relevant to the course from …..

Hazel Thompson

On paid registration to TCHI courses Hazel offers DVD discounts.

Course preparation: knowing the tai chi movements of the DVD relevant to the course

VENUE for all workshops:    Guide hall,  2 Panako Place, Awapuni, Palmerston North

Final registration ten days before the course so you can be notified

of any change of venue

1. Workshop: Tai Chi for Arthritis  (TCA)

TCA Instructor Training

When March 10th -11th 9am-5pm

Cost $290     ($268 for current members TCHC NZ inc)


2. Workshop: Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis (Seated TCA)

Seated TCA Instructor Training   INAUGURAL Seated TCA in NZ

When April 28th – 29th 9am-5pm

Cost $290     ($268 for current members TCHC NZ inc)

ATTENTION! Further discounts available!!!
Have you studied at Instructor workshops I have led? If so, you qualify to attend this first NZ Seated TCA at the one-off special price of $240


3. Workshop: Tai Chi for Arthritis 2 & Update Instructor Training with Fall Prevention module certification

(TCA2, Update & FP)

When May 26th– 27th 9am-5pm

Cost $290     ($268 for current members TCHC NZ inc)


To register contact

Chris Hattle


postal              28 Wikiriwhi Cr., Palmerston North, 4412

phone              06  3564332

In your message include, name, phone, e-mail, course you are registering for.

Tai Chi for Health Practice Sessions with Tamara Bennett, Senior Trainer, TCHI

  • Saturday 31 March 2012 1-4pm (Sun Style 73 practice session, forms 1-33)

Venue: Franklin: The Centre, 12 Massey Ave, Pukekohe (next to Town Hall, parking in the back)

  • Saturday 21 April 2012 1-4pm (General practice session of TCA, TCD or TCK)

Venue: Leicester Hall, corner Findlay & Ramsgate Streets, Ellerslie

  • Sunday 27 May 2012 1-4pm (Sun Style 73 practice session, forms 34-57)

Venue: Franklin: The Centre, 12 Massey Ave, Pukekohe (next to Town Hall, parking in the back)

  • Saturday 23 June 2012 1-4pm (General practice session of TCA, TCD or TCK)

Venue: Leicester Hall, corner Findlay & Ramsgate Streets, Ellerslie

  • Sunday 22 July 2012 1-4pm (Sun Style 73 practice session, forms 58-73)

Venue: Franklin: The Centre, 12 Massey Ave, Pukekohe (next to Town Hall, parking in the back)

Investment $35 for the 3 hour practice session.

Or the special TCHCNZ member price of $30 (if you are a current financial member of TCHCNZ)

If you are not a member yet, please visit , you will find information and an application form on the TCHC NZ section of this Tai Chi Productions NZ website.

Payment by internet: Tamara Bennett – Westpac #03 0406 0739577 00 (please use your name as reference) or

  • Payment by Post: Tamara Bennett, 996 Waiuku Road, RD1 Pukeoware, Waiuku 2681

*Please email me to confirm you have made a payment

The Tai Chi for Health practice sessions will run for 3 hours with a tea/biscuit break (provided)

  • There will be time to ask questions regarding the form, tai chi principles and teaching methods


Dr Lam NZ 2012 Workshops

2 TCHCNZ Tuition Scholarships to Give Away

(Application deadline 1 April 2012)

TCHCNZ is offering full members the opportunity to apply for 1 of 2 tuition scholarships to Dr Lam’s August NZ 2012 workshops; The Depth of Tai Chi for Arthritis and Tai Chi for Energy. The scholarship will cover tuition fees, morning and afternoon tea.  Travel, accommodation, lunches and educational resources will be the responsibility of the successful candidate(s).  The deadline for applications is 1April 2012. Please contact the secretary for more information and an application. (TCHCNZ Secretary – Tamara

(*Each full member may only apply for one tuition scholarship workshop and you must indicate on your application, your preference of the above two available NZ 2012 Dr Lam workshop


Date – Friday 3rd August

Time: 5:30-7:30pm

Venue: Palmerston North workshop venue

Dinner: Nibbles provided by TCHCNZ

*All Full Members are eligible to Vote

** Please RSVP if you plan to attend – Tamara:


Tai Chi Benefits People with Chronic Health Problems like Parkinson’s,  Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Recent studies conducted by Fushong Li of the Oregon Research Institute in Eugene, Oregon have determined that the ancient Chinese practice of tai chi can a positive impact on those afflicted with Parkinson’s disease (PD).

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative neurological condition that usually afflicts people from age 50 and up.  But younger cases do occur, the most famous being actor Michael J. Fox.  PD affects around one million in the United States.  As is the case with other neurological disorders, its rate is increasing.  An estimated 60,000 new cases of PD are diagnosed annually.

Tremors of the hands, slight head oscillations, muffled speech, and lack of facial expression changes or frozen face are common symptoms of PD.  If you’ve ever seen interviews or other visuals of Muhammad Ali after his retirement from boxing, you will have witnessed some of Parkinson’s main manifestations.

PD is considered incurable by mainstream medicine, but if detected early enough it is said to be manageable with drugs.  We all know, however, that these drugs are not without major drawbacks and have many side effects.

Tai chi was tested for other aspects of PD, such as posture problems, problems with gait, and balance issues.  Gait and balance issues have caused many unpredictable and often dangerous falls for elderly and brittle PD victims.  This is the area where tai chi showed clear improvement.

Tai chi itself demands slow, gentle movements, shifting balance and weight while standing.  It requires focused awareness while maintaining posture and balance.  This alone seems to challenge what a PD patient is capable of.  Tai chi can be a challenge for someone who is moderately awkward or clumsy, though the Oregon tests were conducted using “tailor made” tai chi exercises.

Since PD impairs dopamine production in the brain, leading to motor control issues, it’s speculated that the exercises practiced over time train the brain to restore the dopamine production or compensate for its lack thereof.

The Oregon Research Institute study recruited 195 people with mild to moderate PD. They were divided into three groups that used three different exercise methods: resistance exercise (weight training), stretching, and tai chi were practiced by each group for six months, with the study being funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, and published in the New England Journal of Medicine on February 9th, 2012.

Each group was supervised with two 60 minute exercise sessions per week. Tai chi came out with the most positive results, especially by improving common functional abilities. The resistance training showed some balance improvement with decreased falls as well.

Earlier tai chi studies have shown decreased pain and insomnia for patients with fibromyalgia and arthritis. Elderly folks suffering from chronic depression also showed improvement using tai chi as a daily practice.

Many communities throughout the USA have tai chi group sessions.

If you or someone you know are sensing any early warning signals for PD, it may be wise to look into one of these groups.


You may have noticed a new link on the home page, underneath Mesotheliomsymptoms. is a link to an excellent website for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, and the leading resource for those affected by Meothelioma.

From Helen Patterson, Ashburton:

We are delighted to invite tai chi students, teachers and everyone to an  art exhibition by Robin Arnst which is inspired by tai chi, art and the year of the dragon. The exhibition is entitled “Lift the Spirit”  and is at  Ashburton Art Gallery, Baring Square, Ashburton from 17 March  – 15 April  (Artist Talk March 17 at 1.30pm)  My exhibition is in year of the dragon. I decided to incorporate this into the show adding a touch of Chinese Astrology which is also about the life force – Yin/Yang energy and the five elements.  The most important lesson which Tai Chi or any other discipline can teach us is to lift the spirit and be happy.  Robin Arnst. Everyone is very welcome.

That’s it for March!