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Tai Chi for Health Community NZ Inc

Society Year ~ 1 September – 31 August

Half Year Membership fees apply from 1 March – 31 August

Tai Chi for Health Community NZ Inc

“Keeping Tai Chi Active in New Zealand”

The Purposes of the Society are to:

(a) Ensure sustainability of the (Tai Chi for Health) TCH programme;
(b) Provide stability of the TCH programme;
(c) Provide support for providers and instructors;
(d) Promote wellness and activity in communities;
(e) Facilitate a website to allow networking amongst members;
(f) Seek and promote the membership of TCHC NZ and its members;
(g) Maintain a registry of TCHC NZ members;
(h) Create information sharing and educational events for members;
(i) Promote awareness within the group;
(j) Actively promote the members within the community, via the society’s website and any other advertising that the group chooses to commit to;
(k) Promote quality, expertise, and integrity amongst the members of the Society;
(l) Support the aims and objectives of the TCHC NZ members;
(m) Do anything necessary or helpful to the above purposes.
(n) Develop opportunities, programmes and facilities to enable, encourage and enhance the participation, enjoyment and performance of TCHC NZ members and activities;
(o) Establish, promote and hold national and regional workshops and member training events in New Zealand;
(p) Encourage and promote tai chi as an activity which promotes the health and safety of all participants;
(q) Act in good faith and loyalty with its members to ensure the maintenance and enhancement of Tai Chi for Health in New Zealand including its standards, quality and its reputation for the collective and mutual benefit of TCHC NZ and its members;
(r) Seek, maintain and enhance the reputation of TCHI (Tai Chi for Health Institute) through the implementation of rules, standards and practices which fulfil these objects;
(s) Promote mutual trust and confidence between TCHC NZ and its members and at all times to act on behalf, and in the interests of the members TCH NZ.
(t) Pecuniary gain is not a purpose of the Society.

Membership Privacy Policy:

1. Use, disclosure and retention of information, personal information collected (i.e. name, address, phone number and email address) is utilised for the maintenance of a registry of all TCHC NZ Inc members.
2. Members are invited to provide information (including photograph) for inclusion on the TCHC NZ Inc Website. It is agreed that the information provided then becomes public information.
3. The membership list is used for newsletter mail-outs, and other inner TCHC NZ Inc communications as necessary.
4. Members may use the website directory as a tool for referral, mutual support and networking with other members.
5. Safeguards are taken to ensure that other personal information is secure.

Conditions of Membership:

1. That the TCHC NZ Inc joining and annual subscriptions are paid directly into the TCHC NZ Inc?s bank account, or by cheque upon acceptance of application
2. Members agree to accept and abide by the TCHC NZ Inc “Code of Ethics”, both because it is good practice and because it promotes TCHC NZ Inc.
3. Membership is maintained in „good standing?. A member in good standing is a member who is current with membership dues and who has no complaints upheld against him/her.
4. Members declare that they have no serious criminal convictions against him/her
5. Membership may be removed or cancelled by the TCHC NZ Inc Committee when any member: Ceases to abide by the conditions of membership; Fails to maintain his/her membership by not paying the annual membership dues within 30 days of due date; Brings or is deemed likely to bring discredit upon the TCHC NZ Inc.
6. Resignation: any member may resign his/her membership by providing to the Secretary written notice to the effect. The resigning member shall not be entitled to any refund of membership fees for any unexpired period of the membership term and cease utilising or promoting the TCHC NZ Inc membership and logo
7. Changes to contact information or website updates may be made in writing or by email to the Secretary.
8. Website updates may be chargeable if over and above the agreed contract between the website provider and TCHC NZ Inc.


TCHC NZ Inc takes no responsibility for incorrect information given by members. Information included as a listing on the TCHC NZ Inc website directory does not imply in any way endorsement by TCHC NZ Inc. of any product or service.

TCHC NZ Inc Membership Benefits

Go on the TCHC NZ mailing list to stay informed about TCHC NZ news and events

Receive discounts on TCHC NZ sponsored events

Receive 5% discount on TCH products from Tai Chi Productions NZ agent (MT Tamara Bennett)

Support the development of TCHC NZ

Mentoring network available, especially for newer instructors/leaders

Access and input to Hazel’s monthly newsletter

To ensure sustainability of the TCH programme

To provide stability of the TCH programme

To provide support for providers and instructors

To promote wellness and activity in NZ communities

Special offers on selected workshops

Applications for Tuition Scholarships awarded each year

Continuity of Tai Chi instruction with Dr Lam’s TCH programmes

Membership of a nationally recognized body

Nominations accepted for committee members prior to the AGM (Full Members only)

Invitation to attend TCHC NZ’s AGM (All Members except Student Members)

Voting rights at TCHC NZ’s AGM (Full and Life Members only)

Listing on a website dedicated to TCP NZ and TCHC NZ

Notification of training/workshops via the monthly newsletter

Contribute to the growth of TCH programmes within NZ communities

Support TCHC NZ, which in turn supports TCHI (Tai Chi for Health Institute)